Long Island Triathlon Team - "We Never Give Up."
About Us
The Long Island Triathlon Team was formed in the fall of 2009 after President, Steven Rand competed in several Triathlons. His passion for the sport and love of competition pushed his desire to develop his own team with like minded athletes. The goal is to have self-motivated competitors that enjoy training independently as well as in a group. Understanding that today's career minded athletes have minimal time to train but enjoy the camaraderie of a team.
All levels are welcome! The team is happy to consist of beginners, weekend warriors, existing Triathletes and Professional Triathletes.
Team members are only required to participate in three events yearly. We encourage you to go for more!
Please join us for our scheduled practices, meetings and races.
Our team goal is to represent the Long Island Triathlete and have some fun too.
Learn more about us in the coming weeks, for now Long Island Triathlon Team is looking for new members interested in participating in Triathlons.
Please contact us! 
Our team is rapidly growing and we would love to have you as a new member!
President: Steven V. Rand
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